What to include on your business cards

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why do we need business cards?

Business cards are often the first piece of marketing we have printed when we start or join a new business and with today’s digital printing techniques anyone can get professional business cards without breaking the bank. Of course, a lot of business is carried out online, so do we really need business cards? The answer is a resounding yes. Business cards are as vital now as ever.

  • Ease Of Giving Contact Details
  • Give A Personal Touch
  • Makes A Quick First Impression
  • Turn Them Into Direct Marketing Tools
  • Building Trust
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Remember, your business card is an extension of your brand. The first thing to include is your logo

Your logo is a visual representation of what your company does and what you stand for. It should epitomize your business and is a keepsake for your customers to remember you by. When you have a logo, it makes your company feel like it’s credible, professional, and trustworthy.

Company Name.

Give this plenty of space and make it prominent. It’s arguably the most important piece of information on your card, as it’s what people are most likely to remember. Generally speaking, the name of your business should be the largest piece of text on your card.

Job title.

This serves as a good memory jogger. Not everyone’s good with names and some people are more likely to remember you for your area of expertise. 

COntact information.

Contact information is the meat of a business card. You want someone to be able to contact you. So, make it easy for them. But which of your contact info should you include? The key idea to keep in mind here is “direct.” Include your telephone number and email address. Use a number that will be easiest to catch you on. If you’re office-based give your direct line. Out on the road? Your mobile may be more appropriate.

Always include your web address. A website should have all the essential information displayed on a business card on its pages.

Social MEdia.

If you use social media to promote your business, then include a link on your business card.

Social media channels have become indispensable parts of both traditional and virtual businesses. If you’re not on social media, you quite literally don’t exist in the eyes of your customers. 

That doesn’t mean that you should list every social media account you’ve got on your business card. You want to give prospects the chance to connect with you, not overwhelm them with your presence. Be strategic and list only channels where prospects can get a good taste of your work. 

Skills and Specialities.

They know your name; they know your title. They’ve got your website. But at a glance, do they know what you do? If you want a business relationship, prospects need to know exactly what you can do for them.


This final tip is the be-all-end-all and the holy grail of business card designs. All the above tips fall under the category of practical advice for best results. Yet, even if you follow those to the letter, but make a dull and boring card, no one will be contacting you anytime soon no matter how many cards you give out. 

Your business card needs to represent you as a company, having a boring business card won’t do you any good. All images, typography, colour, and style all have a major effect on your business card.

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