1. We do not refund money, as all our websites are custom made/ personalised website service made for customer on order and cannot be sold to anyone else.

2. We do not give customers FTP Details at all, our websites only work with our hosting only

3. You can buy your domain from us or elsewhere and this can be transferred, when you require to another provider)

4. Website content and images have to be provided by the customer.

5. Once the website is approved and uploaded/ live/ launched , any changes from that point will be charged extra

6. If you remove your website / delete your website, as you own the domain, we will charge full price to build and upload the website again

7. We are happy to transfer your website and hosting to another company for a fee of £500, we charge this fee as we need to configure it to work with other hosting companies. This is only available after your 12 months free hosting has expired.

8. We are not responsible for any errors on your website, please check your content and images before you send them to us.

9. Please make sure you have read our terms and conditions and refunds policy and are happy with this and agree to this , before you purchase our websites (which are custom made )from our website

10. Please note we will only upload your website, once you are happy with it, after this point you have to pay fee for any changes you require.

11.Basic websites are not responsive or mobile friendly, so if you require a mobile friendly website make sure you purchase this as an additional service from the website

12. External logo codes can be added to the website for a cost of £150

13. If after completion and uploading the website, you require changes made to the website or need the website removed for any reason, we can do this for you at an additional cost of £200 to remove website and full cost of the website for uploading the website again.

14. You can also pay in instalments for your website and once you have paid in full or at least made 90% of the payments , the website will be uploaded for you.

14. Website Service can be cancelled before we start the work, however, if you have paid for a website and we have started the work on your website, there is no refund for this, as we have to get paid for our work.

15. All our websites are custom made, so you get to select colour scheme, we can add external codes for logos, but also remember that this makes the website custom made and therefore exempt from refunds.

16. Revisions to your website are done for no extra before the site is completed. Once the website is completed and uploaded, there is a fee for any revisions.

17. During the process of making your custom website for you, if you require additional website services, you can purchase these for an additional cost, just select what you need from our website or email us for quote and pay for this on the website as partial payments. If you can’t pay in full.

18. All websites that we design have a link in the footer linking back to our website, if you are not happy with this please do not purchase a website from us. 

19. If you paid for a website over £1000 and want the link removed it will cost £150.