What’s the differnce between Website Redesign and Website Refresh?

Confused on whether to Redesign or Refresh your Website?

Times change. Businesses grow. The digital media is constantly adding new features and platforms. To adjust and keep up with the changing platform, while maintaining  your website’s status, your site needs to adapt and expand. But how do you know if you need a website refresh, or a complete website redesign? Below is a simple explanation to help you distinguish what your site needs.

Website Refresh

Firstly, what is a website refresh? A Website Refresh includes changing small features on your exisiting website to adjust to the new landscape of digital marketing. It’s usually quick and simple. Most marketers preform a website refresh to keep pace with the fast changing technology, apply changes in the company and simply just to upgrade their website.

6 Reasons On Why You Need A Website Refresh


Your website might have the perfect design for your current business but if the tech is outdated, it’s time for a website refresh. The UK is now a smartphone society. Ignoring the mobile market is a very risky business. It is now considered the common practice to make a website mobile-friendly (responsive design). This can have a great impact on your website’s performance and how happy it makes your audience.

Search Engine Optimization

Do you want to adapt your website to current seo best practices in order to continue climbing the rankings? If you don’t update your website it’s sure to decrease in the search engine rankings. Search engines consider websites with the most recent content as the most relevant to web users. Your content might be amazing but if it’s the same content as it was 5 years ago then search engines crawlers might not think its relevant anymore causing it to fall in the search engline rankings. 

New Additons To Your Business

The beauty of CMS websites is that you can easily change minor details such as adding a team member, new services, case studies, or even a whole new blog section without the need of redesigning your entire website.

New Company Logo

If you have a new design of your company logo, which doesnt match your website’s colour scheme and typefaces, you should definently consider a website refesh.

Improve User Experience

In this day and age, most people are impatient. Therefore if your website takes ages to load, you’re already putting your business at a serious disadvantage.In fact, recent studies show if your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load 57% or vistors will abandon your site, losing you customers. Simple changes to your website may really boost your users experience.

Improve Your Website’s CTAs

Many websites lack effective calls to actions that convert users to customers. A call-to-action (CTA) is a button or link that you place on your website to make customers complete an action on your landing page, such as encourage subscriptions or purchases from your site visitors. Is your CTA buttons highlighted clearly on every landing page? As important, are they interesting enough to persuade your visitor to complete the desired action?


Why should i do a website refresh?

Website Redesign

Website Redesign is much different to a website refresh. Website redesign requires significant website development as we are creating a whole new website for your company.


5 Reasons On Why You Need A Website Redesign

Stagnant Website

If your is website has been stagment for several years and you’re not gettting the results you want it’s definetely in need of a redesign.

Full rebrand

The huge advantage to refreshing the look and feel of your brand is the ability to reach new customers . If you want to do a full rebranding of your business, which typically includes a complete change of logo, typography, colour schemes, typefaces, design and graphic elements, you need a website redesign. Also you may want to keep in my rebranding isalso includes changing content and language used on your website. You don’t want people to view one of your pages and think it doesn’t look or sound like it came from the same company.

New Marketing Technology

If you need to add any kind of marketing technology to your website, such as a WooCommerce, there’s a good chance you need a redesign espically for e-commerce businesses, as adding a shopping experience changes your site’s navigation, callouts, and structure.

Users Are Confused By Your Navigation

When your audience accesses your website, you want them to easily be able to move about your pages. You don’t want it to be a challenge for them to find the necessary information they need. If you have poor navigation, you will make it difficult for your audience to find the right information on your website. So in other words, your website navigation is the lifeline of your user. If your website is too confusing you will lose customers to your competitors.

High Bounce Rate

High bounce rate is the measure of how many users leave the page they entered on, without interacting with a single page element. When you get traffic on your site, you want people to stay on your pages and not lose them due to poor design. You may want to consider getting your website redesigned if you are getting traffic to your website but have difficulties retaining that traffic.

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